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Baby # 2 on the way? Use these 3 strategies with your toddler at home.

When you have a new baby on the way, your first child really is not going to know what is coming! I work with all the families at Hello Speech who have new babies on the way to help ease this transition. These are 3 must follow tips!

  1. Make some noise! Your child is about to be exposed to lots more noise with a new crying baby. Children react to noise differently, but when you are an only child your house can be calm and quiet (unless the child is the one making all the loud noise). The increase in noise at home can be stimulating for children and they can react immediately or later when they have been over stimulated. This can look like yelling, crying, and tantrums. SO , make some more noise at home before baby comes. Listen to some music, sing to your self or together, and start using that white noise machine again. You'll be happy you did.

  2. Buy a baby doll and toy bottles just for your child. Start playing pretend with the baby doll, where your child takes care of the baby. Holding, rocking, feeding the bottle, baby crying, baby goes go sleep, wrapping baby in a swaddle, changing a stinky diaper. Help your child learn all the words surrounding baby care. They will love having their own baby to care for as you care for baby.

  3. Point out little babies to your child when you are out and about. Talk about how little baby is, remind them talk quietly and be gentle, and set the example for how to act around a baby. Talk about the baby using positive language, and smiling to show them that babies are a positive thing that make you happy. This will help them to visualize what a REAL baby is like, and make what they learn with dolls feel a bit more concrete.

Hello Speech and Language Services LLC offers Hello Baby Classes. Check our website to see the latest offerings!

Best of Luck!

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